Space Saving Plywood Storage Rack

Yet another great find in my father-in-law’s workshop!  The age old problem of storing those extra sheets of plywood, paneling, or backer board without losing wall space is solved by this “hidden” double-wall rack.   The only space lost in this setup is the 8 inches that the rack extends from the original wall.  Paneling is nailed to the rack allowing for the stuff that usually goes on shop walls! The only caveat for this is that you will need at least 8 feet of Continue reading →

ISO 8601:2000 Calendar View for Teradata

Here’s a little snippet that I thought someone might find useful. At my previous job, we began exporting our sales data to a 3rd party consultant firm. They required our data to be on the ISO 8601 calendar. At my dismay, I could not find any pre-built calendars for this purpose so I ended up writing this view. This view converts Teradata’s sys_calendar to an ISO 8601:2000 calendar. Feel free to use as needed and if you have a more efficient way of doing this, Continue reading →

Girl’s Room Fashion Stage

OK, I have to admit when my wife originally came to me with this idea I was skeptical.  Space is not something we have a lot of in our house and our daughter’s room was already crammed full of “stuff”.  So when it was suggested that I build a stage in her room I was admittedly dragging my feet.  However, after getting some inspiration from Pinterest, I found myself actually getting excited about this build.  Not to mention, our daughter has a great talent for Continue reading →

Double-Sided Freestanding Clamp Rack

My father in law never ceases to amaze me.  He has created the most awesome freestanding clamp rack.  What used to take up a whole wall can now sit nicely in the corner of his shop.  Another great feature is that it is mounted on casters so it can be moved around for easy access. Somehow he managed to find room to fit all of his pipe clamps, bar clamps, parallel clamps, and screw clamps. And check out this wood glue caddy!

VirtualBox – Creating The Windows Server VM on Ubuntu 14.04

Here we pick up on step 2…Steps 1 is located here. Creating the Virtual Machine The next few steps are assuming you have a desktop running and can use the VirtualBox GUI.  If you don’t, there is really good documentation available for the commands you will need. 1.  Run VirtualBox by locating it in the main menu or type virtualbox from a command line.  The virtualbox wizard is really very straight forward and easy to understand. 2.  Choose a name for the VM.  I suggest choosing a name without Continue reading →