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Latest From The Blog

  • Swivel Screw and Driver Bit Caddy

    Another great find in my Father-in-law’s shop. He created this ingenious screw and drill bit caddy mounted on a lazy Susan rotating base.

    It accepts standard Akro Mills bins to hold the screws. The best feature is the custom made drill […]

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  • Space Saving Plywood Storage Rack

    Yet another great find in my father-in-law’s workshop!  The age old problem of storing those extra sheets of plywood, paneling, or backer board without losing wall space is solved by this “hidden” double-wall rack.

    The only space lost in this setup […]

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  • ISO 8601:2000 Calendar View for Teradata

    Here’s a little snippet that I thought someone might find useful. At my previous job, we began exporting our sales data to a 3rd party consultant firm. They required our data to be on the ISO 8601 calendar. At my […]

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  • Girl’s Room Fashion Stage

    OK, I have to admit when my wife originally came to me with this idea I was skeptical.  Space is not something we have a lot of in our house and our daughter’s room was already crammed full of “stuff”. […]

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  • Double-Sided Freestanding Clamp Rack

    My father in law never ceases to amaze me.  He has created the most awesome freestanding clamp rack.  What used to take up a whole wall can now sit nicely in the corner of his shop.  Another great feature is that […]

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